Where Love Fosters Hope

When children come into foster care, they most often come with nothing but what they are wearing. The trauma they have experienced by quickly losing their homes, their families and their belongings should not be compounded by not having the basic needs they deserve. 

Families who agree to care for these precious children are tasked with the financial responsibility of providing the children with what they need, physically and emotionally.

As the children in their care grow and their needs change, they and the families caring for them need support from their community.

Family Room is here to love, support and encourage families who foster and the children in their care.

Our Mission

Family Room’s mission is to love, encourage and support families who foster and the children in their care.

We believe every child, no matter their age, race, gender, religion, circumstances of birth or living situation all need and deserve to be  loved, encouraged and supported by their community….
Our goal is to live out our mission of providing love, encouragement and support to families who foster and the children in their care by:
– Ensuring that every child who comes into care has their basic needs met as quickly as possible….