New or Emergency Placements

In foster care, you don’t always know when a new placement is coming or what they’ll have when they arrive. We get that and want to help make the transition easier for both of you! Because of that, we are always available to meet you for neeeded items. You do not have to wait until our Tuesday or Saturday open hours if you need these resources before then.

Please CALL 336-900-0878 and leave us a voicemail. someone will call you back within an hour to make an appointment to meet you that day. Please do not use other forms of contact for emergency placements, as we do not check messages other than the phone if we are not in the office.

For new placements, we also provide new diapers, socks, and underwear in addition to any other items you may need. If you know a new placement is coming and have a bit more time to prepare for them, feel free to come during our Saturday hours and get the items you’ll need.

If you have never visited with the Family Room before, please fill out the form below online or in-person before you begin shopping.



Click Here: Foster Parent Registration (Emergency)

Not everyone can foster – everyone can help!