Our Goal

Our goal is to live out our mission of providing love, encouragement and support to families who foster and the children in their care by:

  • Ensuring that every child who comes into care has their basic needs met as quickly as possible.
  • Ensuring that children in care have the opportunities for growth and development afforded to them that they need and deserve.
  • Ensuring that no family who fosters ever says no to a placement call because they do not have the resources to provide the children with what they need.
  • Ensuring that families who foster know of all resources available to them to support the children in their care and have access to those resources.
  • Removing barriers to fostering by partnering with families to provide the children in their care with what they need and deserve and the resources they need to care for those children.
  • Ensuring longevity with families who foster by providing them with as much support as necessary.
  • Ensuring siblings being placed together in the same foster home by providing state regulated, age appropriate beds and dressers.
  • Educating, advocating and dispelling the myths and misinformation in the community about foster care as it pertains to the need for community support.
  • Partnering with foster care licensing agencies in the community to continue to gain resources for providing support to the families who foster and the children in their care.