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Family Room Triad

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I don’t know why it always happens after hours at night (mostly Fridays) that we get called about a foster placement. It might be because they know my husband and I will always say yes for emergency or afterhours placement- my heart can’t stand the thought of a kiddo sleeping in the DSS office. Even when we know long term it won’t work for our family.

Oftentimes these kiddos come with little to nothing. One of the biggest blessings to this foster momma, who is called to keep saying yes, – even if it is just until DSS can find a long term placement is Family Room.

 The executive director is AMAZING!
 The volunteers are some of the best people you will meet.
 The people who donate items and money have such a HUGE impact.

Thank you so much to Family Room staff, volunteers and donors! It takes a HUGE burden off this foster momma knowing you are a phone call away.